The String Resonator

loudspeaker Sound 1
loudspeaker Sound 2
loudspeaker Sound 3

This invention was inspired by the sitar. Inside the neck of a sitar there are strings that are not plucked, they just resonate and add depth to the sound

The strings in this instrument can be vibrated from any external sound, the 2 loudspeakers at the end vibrate a piece of wood with grooves cut in it to grip the strings, so the strings get vibrated by any sound sent to the loudspeakers. The sound is then picked up at the other end of the strings by a guitar style pickup.

If you play a note into it you won't hear much out of the pickup unless the note is in tune with one of the strings, or one of the harmonics of the strings. If you slide the note you play in up and down you get a really nice sparkly sound as you catch all the different harmonics of the different strings.

I usually tune it to an open minor chord. This is because the harmonics of a single string form a major type of scale already.