About my shop

After years of making one-off instruments, I have finally started making some to sell. I have lots more original ideas on the way.

The general concept for all my products is for them to be as original as possible while still having that magic musical richness that comes from using discrete circuitry, and even to create new levels of analogueness, by making circuitry that encourages chaotic turbulence similar to acoustic instruments and natural systems. I am also working on optical interfaces and electro-mechanical effects.

Noise Generator


5 oscillator mini noise synth with chaotic feedback

It is available from SchneidersBuero

loudspeaker Bendy harmonics.mp3
loudspeaker Computer tape.mp3
loudspeaker Convulsions.mp3
loudspeaker Fax machine.mp3
loudspeaker Harmonic undertones.mp3

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A very interesting distortion pedal based on a real ring-modulator circuit. Gives the strange bell like tone of a ring-modulator without the extreme atonal effect usually associated with a ring-modulator

Price 85

loudspeaker Guitar riff.mp3
loudspeaker Guitar harmonics.mp3

These sounds are the guitar recorded straight into the computer (no amp)

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