The Intuitive Sequencer


This sequencer was inspired by the Arp sequencer, which was a step sequencer with a fader to set the note pitch for each step, I thought this was a very intuitive design. I have tried to improve on this idea with my touch screen digital version. It was made before iPads and other such devices existed.

It has 16 steps, and instead of faders you have a coloured square which changes colour as you move it up or down, so you can see which note in the scale it is. The row of white squares are on/off for each step, the green squares are accent, normal or ghost volume, and the blue squares are staccato/legato

The advantages of it being digital are that you can switch between saved patterns and do all sorts of other instant changes. You can shift the pattern up or down in pitch, either chromatically or in a way that preserves the scale you are in.

These sound files were made by setting the melody 'last step' to 7 and the drums to 16. This makes strangely catchy voodoo rhythms. Notice how it preserves the scale when I shift the pitch up and down. It is a good example of what I intended it to be, which was a sequencer that lets you improvise.

loudspeaker Sound 1
loudspeaker Sound 2